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There isn’t much to our magic, we are not real magicians. So firstly, let us apologise for using the that term inaccurately. But we are so good at what we do, it’s pretty much like magic and if you had interests in the SEO market then you would really love our magic.

Magic is the word/term what we use for “intelligence”, plain and simple. Spending time putting real thought into our wonderful ways, helps us to acheive the goals we set out. Many SEO individuals and companies originate from those who have learnt SEO in a raw form(Physical, Virtual). To be straight and simple what the world would call “geeks”. We despise the sterotypical term but what can you do? Our team of SEO’s have raw intelligence, without this, they wouldn’t pass the test! We use our initiative and common-sense to create amazing powers and guru-like resources to utilise in SEO.


So I rambled on a little about the magic, but it’s the best way to describe it to the average user (no offence intended).

Our methods are complex yet simple, I say complex because we use our magic to create them but any tom,dick or harry could implement them if being told what to do. This is what makes and real SEO expert differentiate from the “Best SEO Company” that outsources most services to the developing world and uses limited resources but still charges an arm and a leg. Although I must mentioned that most of our methods would be and are still the most expensive* methods out of most. *Definition:Expensive; Time, Resources, Brain power, Money combined.

The Care Method (policy)

We all do, and I especially ensure that whenever we are providing services we really understand the business in mind. Whether it means going that extra mile to learn more about the sector or specific niche. It really is no boundary, it should be completely compulsory for all Digital Marketing agencies to have this understanding, otherwise you miss a trick or do not actually fully understand the audience your are being paid to market.

To be straight: I mean those companies like – “Thanks for the money I do keyword for you now lots of ranking woo hoo happy happy”
You: “Thanks thats great but where are my leads and why haven’t I sold one thing?”

The important part of marketing online is choosing the correct target audience, if your not careful the power of the internet back-fires and waste time and money. This really comes into our care policy.

Thats enough for today

Check out this Magic video below!