Reciprocal Link Exchanging

A reciprocal link used to be a great method of improving ranking and authority a few years ago. In more recent times they carry a lot less benefit and risk running into problems with Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Think about when someone links to your site, that one-way link is good, whereas when you return the favour in linking back to his or hers, this is called a reciprocal link.

The main problem with these types of links is that they are extremely detectable to search engines, and couldn’t be an easier way of letting them know you are harvesting easy, useless links. A reciprocal link from a reputable, authority site within your sector may still carry some value but apart from this it is not worth the effort.


Poor Quality Content

This is one of the main reasons people’s sites fail to rank well in SERPs. You have probably heard the phrase ‘content is king’ thrown around a fair bit when reading around SEO techniques, and it couldn’t be more true. Think about Google’s goal is to provide the user with an ordered list providing the most relevant content for a specific search term. So why would it choose to rank something that doesn’t give the user what they are trying to find out?

Fantastic content can provide you with some really great links so it is imperative to make sure you are outputting this. Make sure that if you are outsourcing any content writing, it is done professionally by someone who has the qualifications and knowledge to output link worthy content.

Becoming too focused on Keyword Rankings

It is a great feeling to know when you have achieved top positions for a client across multiple keyword phrases. But if this is not leading to traffic conversions then what have you actually achieved? One side to search engine optimisation is achieving those positions, but also ensuring that this relates into getting new users interested in that product, service or information onto the site.

Using tools such as Google Analytics can help see if there has been a rise in traffic over a period of time, and monitor the sources of traffic to see where the acquisition of this traffic has come in.


Not Looking at Design

Your site is everything about your brand, think about when you land onto a page that is messy, with text plastered all over the place, broken links and menus that don’t work properly – why would you stay? Even if it has the exact content the user is looking for, the likelihood is they will revert back to find another alternative.

Another problem people commonly make is using all flash based websites. These are image only, so search engines cannot read any text and content on the page. This is why is it important to hire a professional web designer, who is trusted and can show through previous work a good level of success


Article Submissions

When first starting out learning SEO, a technique a lot of people read up on and think is a great source for quality links is article submissions. This leads to sites such as EzineArticles and other submission portals that are pretty useless towards optimisation.

Link building is a difficult process and it takes time to create a relevant resource list to see results. Creating a good working relationship alongside blogs in your sector is a great way to gain these article links. If you can provide them with relevant content through a guest post on their blog, it can be a great way to gain a quality link in return. People forget that one quality, relevant link from an authoritative site is better than a thousand from one that is not.