We’re currently in preparation to celebrate 1000 days at the top of Google. A fantastic achievement that has never been seen before, it really does set us apart from the rest of the market.

Why is being at the top of google some important to us?

We’ve been working on our own SEO campaign every single day since we launched backed in 2013 with 100% return on targets.

It’s important to us for a few crucial business reasons. Firstly, it’s our main source of enquiries as we don’t house a sales team or have a marketing budget for anything but our own SEO investment(to an nth degree). This means that if we can’t perform consistently day in day out on our campaign, then you as a potential customer won’t have found us today. SEO Silly has grown on the back of this principle and keeps us on our toes. With Google changing interfaces and algorithm core updates, it’s this principle that keeps us ahead of our competitors.

For example; if results are not being achieved by their(another provider) efforts’ – a heavy round of networking or paid traffic or old client email shots, may bring in a new wave of clients to replace those who leave because of poor performance. Whereas in our case, if our efforts aren’t performing we can’t do that and have to analyse why and improve. Each campaign can’t be looked at the same way as another.

Most importantly, It also allows us more time to focus on clients which in turn keeps a long-lasting relationship healthy.

No other company in Birmingham has done it before…

Bring it back on topic, 1000 days. Well we aren’t there yet but as this post we are 18 days away from the target. This achievement can be proven with statistical data. We just wanted you to know that we are eagerly anticipating it.

We will update this post once achieved and add further content relating to why it’s important to us.