This isn’t 2011 so I don’t need to tell you that social media is a key tool for ANY business. If you’re in a public place then you can bet that 9/10 of the people around you are using some sort of social media platform.

A question I get asked a lot is, “how does a small business use this tool to its advantage?”

Here are my 3 unique tips for a small business to use when constructing their social media marketing:

    1. “Wear the same outfit”

      • Make sure that all of channels follow the same look, branding is everything.
      • Follow your logo’s colour scheme and design and make sure everything that you use as an advertising tool matches in a subtle way.


    1. “Humanise your business” 
      • Some business owners are scared to show the nitty gritty parts of business in fear that people won’t see them as a professional establishment but the main factor is we can all relate to the everyday life of running or being in a business.
      • An example of this is if you are moving premises or starting up then you should be taking photos of the progress in construction. Maybe even film some of it? You can then show your progress and use the footage and images to tell your story.


  1. “Tell your story”

    • Yes the general understanding of social media is to market your business online but this isn’t how it started and essentially isn’t how it was meant to be used. The original idea is socially connect with others through an online platform.
    • Try to think of your business with a person that is using social media. What would they be talking about? Did they just get some new brochures? Did they add someone new to their team? Or maybe they got a new toy for business? (new computers, new signs, new anything?)