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We love Adwords(PPC). Unlock the potential in your website and discover customers via Google Adwords. Our mathematic approach is the perfect tool to build a successful campaign and deliver customers to your website.

Adwords Management(PPC) in Birmingham

The term PPC stands for Pay Per Click, we’re guessing you may have already known that, but what is it really about? It involves paying for qualified traffic from websites from around the web, but we specifically focus on Google, Google Adwords. It’s a game of maths(and we love it), that when set-up correctly, allows you to clearly see hits/conversions. Alongside numbers, it allows you to assist your SEO campaigns with clear cut ‘keyword’ data.

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Winning With PPC

Adwords has come a long way over the last 15 years, slowly gaining more and more market share as Google pushes it’s paid features to small and large businesses across the globe. We love creating successful campaigns for customers week in week out, delivering sustainable results and consistency.

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Expert Adwords techniques, using not only our in-depth knowledge, to apply our market leading intelligence to create campaigns with no wastage(money wasted on unqualified traffic) and consistent management with the attitude that there is always room to improve.

Adwords Management(PPC) that adds up…

We’ll create a campaign that you understand, we’ll create reports that you understand, we’ll create return that you can see. Over the last 5 years here at SEO Silly, we’ve combined organic and paid search campaigns that not only compliment each other, but aim to constantly out-do each other. If you’re struggling to manage the tasks in-house or believe we can out-perform your current strategy, why not get in touch? You don’t have to undertake SEO with Adwords, both are just as powerful as each other.

Here’s a big fact that might interest you. Google have a 92.8% (approx) market share in the EU. So Google’s our best friend here.

We don’t outsource, affiliate or compromise. We are a real SEO company.

We will improve your online sales and enquiries with our expert experience.

Our website search performance is better than any other company in Birmingham.

We started as SEO specialists, over 95% of our revenue comes from a diverse SEO campaign portfolio.

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At SEO Silly, we combine our unique and creative knowledge to provide an effective service to drive targeted traffic to your website. That is it, plain and simple… We won’t sell it to you anymore. A member of the team will be more than happy to discuss your individual needs and requirements further. We like to be prepared for our first conversation, so please fill out the contact form in as much detail as possible or alternatively give us a call direct today on 0121 554 4834 to speak with one of our experts in full.
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“Our organic search visits have more than doubled and have allowed us the opportunity to put our business in the forefront of the online market. Without the excellent search engine performance our website would receive 75% less visits per calendar month.To add to everything our campaign isn’t easy, competing with FTSE 250 companies and prolific online website. Thank you SEO Silly”
Andrew Cotterill, Managing Director – Cotterill Civils Ltd
“I have been incredibly impressed with the work SEO Silly has carried out for us over the past 12 months. They were clear about the likely outcomes of their work, including how they would achieve them. Their clarity and transparency is refreshing in the search engine marketing sector and they have helped us achieve significant gains across a wide range of competitive search terms, both locally and nationally.”
Ben Cook – / JC Social Media

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